Coliseum (Outskirts)

Severed limbs and blood on the sand


Coliseum Resources

Fighting mad!  So much so that you can't come up with a good weapon let alone a good insult?  Or maybe you just want to know more about the gladiator types.  Maybe these links will help.  


The information in this section is collected and maintained by {yakfat}.


Ultimate Flame

the ultimate flame; copy some or all of it


Biblical Curse Generator

the wrath of heaven; for the more pious among us


Elizabethan Curse Generator

for the literati; swear that it isn't from Shakespeare



the defamomatic; "a software solution for weary flamers" by Lorelei Kring


Insults, NOS

insults, not otherwise specified



want to know more about the different types of gladiators?


what kind of flamer are you?


does it hurt?  can't think straight for a cutting ripost?  please fill out the form.


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