Hosts in The Town

How you can become one


Hosts play a key role in The Town.  They have control over, and responsibility for, their own areas of town (called conferences).  It's part of their role to shape and develop their conference  so that it meets both the goals of The Town, and the needs of its participants.  All of The Town's Hosts are unpaid volunteers who contribute their time, ideas and enthusiasm to the community, and we appreciate their input immensely.

Hosts have the following responsibilities:

  • determining and maintaining the tone of their conference
  • fostering conversation by seeding topics, beginning discussions, encouraging contributions, and extending invitations to participate
  • welcoming newbies and providing help
  • compiling and maintaining a list of conference-relevant information sources in the form of links, books, references, etc

The Town always has room for expansion and there are many planned conferences waiting to be built and are listed below.  These potential new conferences and many of the existing forums are looking for Hosts.


Stadium - playing and watching sports, fitness and exercise

Comedy Club - jokes, humour and the absurd

Home Quarter


Arts Quarter:

Dark Room - photography and filmmaking

Sciences Quarter:

Turing Centre - Information technology (for specialists)

Gaia Centre - environment, sustainability and nature

Observatory - astronomy and space

Social Sciences Quarter:

International House - international and global perspectives and issues

Cultural Centre - our lives and interactions: archaeology, anthropology, sociology and other forms of culture study



Farm - agriculture and rural affairs

If you'd be interested in building any of these conferences, or in setting up your own space, either public or private, click here to e-mail the Pantheon with your proposal for what you'd like to do, and why you think you'd make a good Host for the conference.  We'll discuss it and let you know the decision.




Last Updated: 29 June 2008