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These links have been collected over several years and from multiple sources.  Many were copied, with permission, from The Fresh Press Current Affairs conference.  The rest are sources contributed by Townsfolk in the Town Herald "Resources, links and information" {Social.TownHerald.3} topic. 

Most are resources that have proven useful or interesting.  Although there is a certain tendency to emphasize U.S. sources that is not the intent.  Resources from around the world are included and will be added as I become aware of them and as my time permits.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive.  I have attempted to provide links across the political spectrum.  If you have any suggested additions or changes, please post them in the Resources topic. 

Some of the groupings are arbitrary.  For example, some of the Statistics & Facts links are also US government sites.  The subjectivity is all mine.

Straight Goods Useful URLs:  A collection of useful, progressive links, with a somewhat Canadian orientation


The information in this section is collected and maintained by {yakfat}.


Daily Media

newspapers, web sites, news services, any professional source of news published daily or sooner


magazines and other professional news sources published at intervals other than daily or less

Think Tanks/PACs (Political Action Committees)

political parties and specialists with an axe to grind; they know what is best for all of us


Statistics & Facts

private, UN, and government sources of compiled information


UK Government

official websites of Her Majesty's Britannic government not listed elsewhere


US Government

official US Government web sites not listed elsewhere

Blogs & Pundits

the alternative to mainstream media

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