The Town

Entering as a Visitor


Visitor access

Please note that if you enter the Town as a Visitor, you will only be able to see a very small part of what the Town has to offer, just enough to get a feel for the kind of people who populate it, and the way Motet software works.

You will not be able to participate in discussions as a Visitor, and Motet will not record where you have previously been or what you have already read.

To enter the Town as a Visitor, type in the following when you click the button to Enter (be sure to use lowercase):

User ID:

If you wish to participate straight away, you can register and gain access as a Townsperson; it requires nothing more than a valid e-mail address, a choice of login ID and name, and agreement with The Town's guidelines for participation.  Entering as a Townsperson also gives you the opportunity to participate straight away, unlike a Visitor, who may only observe.

If you'd like to register, click the link below.  It will take you back to the New User page so you can read The Town's guidelines before proceeding.







Last Updated: October 3, 2004