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You need to choose a userid (username). This is the "handle" by which you will be known to the system and to other users (you can choose whether or not they will be able to see your real name as well). It should be from 2 to 15 lowercase letters and numbers, and must begin with a letter, for example john, jsmith, or jack95. A nickname is a good choice. If the userid you pick is being used by someone else, you will be able to come back here and try another one.  CHOOSE CAREFULLY - your username cannot be changed at a later date!

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Your password must be at least 5 characters long. For maximum security, it should contain punctuation or other odd typography--you should avoid using real words or names. Choose something that you will remember for some other reason, e.g. "50yd-" = "fifty yard dash."

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Please supply a code to be used in the event that you forget your password. This can be your mother's maiden name, or some other code not likely to be known to others. If you lose your password you can supply this code and a new random password will be generated and mailed to you at the address above.